Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend in review

well another weekend come & gone & this time there isn't really much to review. jeremiah spent the entire weekend at work & we spent the entire weekend hanging around the house. fine by me we had been really busy & doing lots of running lately so it was nice to just relax & unwind & not worry about anything.

yesterday was an awful day! i woke up with the worst headache in history & it lasted i tried tylenol. ib profen. alieve. even midol. nothing was touching it. it hurt in the morning but as the day went on the worse it got. i tried a shower, no help there. the kids took a nice long nap which was fantastic because that mean i got to sleep for hours as well. as you might have guessed it didnt help. after nap time the kids & i just hung out in my bed watching movies until daddy got home. thank you babies for not being wild maniacs yesterday. when jer got home i checked out for the rest of the day. didnt even leave the bed. as the night went on i started feeling a little better. finally about 10pm i got out of bed to eat dinner & when dinner was done i went right back in bed. i am happy to say as i sit here typing this i finally feel like a normal human again.

my plan for the day is to finish up the laundry & take care of a couple things around the house before jer gets here. as of 5pm tonight our weekend begins & i dont want to waste a minute of it working. taco ring for dinner tonight, a family favorite. our plan is to rent sanctum when the kids get in bed & tomorrow we are headed back to busch gardens for another day of fun in the sun.

here's a few random shots from the weekend

 [from my phone; hugs ♥ brothers = best friends]
 [just hanging around in pjs]
 [nommin' some snacks in mom's bed ... told you it was a laid back weekend]
 [he's just too cute]
 [love ♥]

 [colton says ... "oh im just doing facebook"]
[busy boys]
[hard at work]

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~Pam~ said...

Sorry about your horrible headache. :(
OH I LOVE all these pics, of course I stole them. ;)
Hope you are having a good day so far!
love & hugs