Saturday, June 25, 2011

twists, turns & 200 foot drops!

well our "weekend" without the kids was great! don't get me wrong, i missed them like crazy, i do every second they're not with me, but it's always nice to get out of the house & act like grown ups. esp for me. i spend my days coloring, playing with blocks, eating captain crunch, hanging out with toddlers, usually in pajamas, it's great to get all dressed & head out. 

dad picked the kids up around 6pm wednesday night, it was finally time to get ready & head out. we headed to splitsville for some drinks & bowling with friends. it was a great night. i am awful at bowling, but the laughs & company were great! 

thursday morning i was up at 6am, it was awful, i was like a kid on christmas... so anxious to get my day started. i made myself go back to sleep & slept until about 8:30 then i popped up & was getting ready. finally got jer outta bed & we headed out the door. what an awesome day. we had so much fun! spent a little time looking at the animals, more time talking & even more time riding rollercoasters[& a few water rides]. i am in love. the roar of a rollercoaster, moving faster than your eyes can keep up. falling face first down a 200 foot, 90 degree drop equals amazing! i am so proud of my husband, he did manage to go on  every single ride with me! it was a perfect day, aside from being 100 degrees. i cant wait to do it again. we ended our night in the front row, on the brand new ride, in the dark. as soon as we got off the ride & headed towards the front to get on the tram, it started lightning. the timing couldn't have been better.

nothing special about yesterday. me & braedon headed out for an early morning shopping trip & had a blast. it was so great to spend some quality time with him alone & he was so well behaved the entire time. we laughed & laughed. it made grocery shopping extra enjoyable. by the time we got home it was naptime. the kids spent thursday at the pool with my mom & were up late so they were exhausted. they both slept FOUR plus hours, colton was actually going on five hours when he woke up. i spent the afternoon coloring, i am working on something special for braedon's bedroom & watching casey anthony of course. speaking of, my husband told me i should start blogging about the trial, maybe he is sick of hearing about 8 hours worth of court bunched into a 20 minute convo with him... everyday. haha! we laid around after the kids went to bed, catching up on 4378954 episodes of jeopardy. had lasagna for dinner- amazing. the watched the adjustment bureau. let me rephrase, he watched while i slept. i have it recorded maybe ill get around to watching it one day soon.

this morning, another early trip to walmart. why you ask?! well the cats or kids... its undetermined... knocked the entire package of my purex 3-1 sheets in the washing machine. i had no idea they were in there. threw my bedding in, poured in some regular soap & was good to go.... went to switch to the dryer & pulled out about 25 3-1 sheets. obviously the soap strip was missing so i went from having an entire pack to having none. so it was off to the store i went since the laundry seems never ending around this place. whatever, its probably safe to say we now have the cleanest bedding ever. other than that the kids have just been hanging around playing. its been raining/storming[finally] for the past two days so its been relaxing around the house. its going to be bedtime here pretty soon than this mama is going to get the house cleaned up & laundry finished. i napped with the kids & well just havent wanted to do much. i think the storms are making me lazy.

i have a couple more things to post. ill start working on those tomorrow. until then i hope you are all enjoying your weekend

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