Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a scary morning & a trip to the ER ... for braedon!

yesterday was another fabulous family day! another day spent at busch gardens! i will post about that later though!

this morning we were pretty lucky. we got to stay in bed until 10am! yes you read that right. i will take the kids to busch gardens everyday off if it means getting to sleep in so late the next day. the morning started off pretty normal. cuddles. breakfast. cartoons. no different than any other day.

braedon started getting cranky, not a surprise it was a long day yesterday so we headed into his room & tucked him away for a nap. it was pretty quiet for a little bit. then i heard a whine & thats when the chaos started.

i heard the first whine, thought he was just mad about being in his room. about 30 seconds later it turned into a cry & got louder. i headed in his room right away! when i opened the door i heard

"stuck stuck help me help me stuck help me"

over & over again. within seconds i realized his thumb was stuck/smashed in his dresser. between the bottom part of the drawer where the clothes go & the front part with the knobs. i couldnt get him out! & was totally freaking out. i started crying because he was in pain & crying & i couldnt get him unstuck. i started screaming for jeremiah over & over. "come here, come help us, he is stuck, come here come here" he was on the phone at the time, didn't realize why i was yelling, took him a few seconds to get to us. at that time we were both trying to get braedons finger out. i am still crying & finally release. we run out of his room with braedon in tow, crying, to look at the damage.

it was bleeding, it was swollen but almost looked crushed, like something that weighed 100 pounds dropped on it so big but was huge at the same time because the swelling. after a glance i start crying again. then i hear jeremiah say "it's broken, i think it's broken" now i am in full blown hysterics & shaking. braedon is still crying. colton is crying now too probably because he really had no idea what was going on. i threw on a pair of shorts, threw a shirt on colton, put a bandaid on brae& we ran out the house. braedon didnt even have shoes on. at no point in time did jeremiah & i ever discuss that we were going to the er. it just kinda happened, we both knew without even saying a word to one another. 

[so proud of my big man]

usually jeremiah is the rock in any situation. the "its going to be okay, everything will be fine" kind of guy when it comes to things like that so the fact that he was freaking out had me freaking out even worse.

braedon was pretty calm on the way to the ER, even falling asleep. i don't know how. i sat in the backseat with them. held his hand that wasnt hurting ... & cried the whole way there. i was so scared something was really wrong, i was so sad hearing his little voice over & over in my head saying " stuck, help me" & i felt absolutely horrible that he was stuck & i couldnt help him. 

when we got to the er ... after listening to the woman at the desk complain she was all alone & couldnt leave "to go pee" or "eat" she finally got checked in. oh i was SO mad that i am standing here with my baby who is hurt & you could care less talking about the fact that you cant pee. she finally checked us in & without even going to triage or waiting we went right back to the pediatric area in the er. 

it wasnt long before the doctor came. he said at a glance it didnt appear to be broken but ordered xrays to be sure. xrays came back fine. braedon is okay. for the first time i could finally take a breath & a sigh of relief. braedon was a champ. he was so good at the hospital & i am so proud of him!  at the end of the day it is just a "big owie" it probably doesnt feel too good. it will probably take a while to heal completely but he is OKAY. he is not broken. there is no long term damage. i am trying to [unsuccessfully] convince myself that i am not a horrible mother, that i wasnt in the room & i couldnt have stopped in from happening but i cant stop thinking that i couldnt get him out, i couldnt help him. what if jeremiah wouldnt have been home to help, what would have happened. i feel terrible.

we came home. got comfy. got some grub. watched cartoons. enjoyed lots of snuggles & ate ice cream sandwiches. my brae baby is back to his smiley self! oh & i have to add that i am so proud of colton. through all the scary chaos he was really well behaved! he is an awesome big brother & i cant believe how good he was & how well he handled the situation. from the crazy at home to waiting around the hospital. he rocks. both my kids are rock stars.

on a different note i think i for got to mention that i won the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste GIVEAWAY!!! over at delirious rhapsody! i was thrilled. my first win since i have entered the bloggy world. anyways when we pulled in the driveway after the hospital i saw a brown box on the deck & was thrilled! my goodies came today! certainly a positive note after a crappy morning! i can't wait to put it all 
to use! thanks again deanna!

[look at all those goodies :) ]


Jess said...

Wow! Poor baby. Sounds like when I rushed Elliot to the ER a few weeks ago. I'm glad he's okay and that you're able to relax now, too.

pam said...

awwww sounds like a rough morning for Braedon and for all of you! SO glad he is ok. you are a great Mom, these things happen. xoxo

pam said...

congrats on your win!