Thursday, June 2, 2011

sabrina & the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

tuesday started out just like any other day. jeremiah was off work so we all ate breakfast, kinda just bummed around the house. around noon we decided it was time to get ready & head out. we had a few a few errands to run. out to new port richey to see the print guy about the flyers & tickets for the fundraiser, wanted to stop by the grocery store, tmobile & finally the radio station so jeremiah could pick up the gift card he won. so it's off we go.

so we're driving driving driving, hear a noise, then the car gets bumpy. jer asks if we blew out a tire? ummm.... i think so! pulled over. sure thing, tire is blown out. of course this had to happen on a stretch of road where there is nothing. no real curb. no parking lots. nothing! we're pulled over in a turn lane. the speed limit on this road is 60 which means naturally cars are flying by us doing 80mph, kinda terrifying. jeremiah is laying next to the car so i am standing feet away from him, feet away from the line on the road with these cars zipping by us. i was so scared to have jer down on the ground with cars going by so fast. i figure if i am standing there at least cars will be able to see! oh & i'm in standing in the 95 degree sun in jeans& a black shirt. i didn't plan on spending more than three minutes at a time outside. what a headache the whole tire changing process was.

while all of this is going on i went in the car to check on the kids-- who i am so proud of. they were both so well behaved while all of this was going on. as i am getting out of the car i slam the door shut ... on my finger. i didn't even have time to react. tears started streaming down my face. i had to actually open the car door to get my finger out. i have never really broken a bone, a few toes but nothing serious, never had stitches. it was one of the most painful things i have ever felt. now i am still standing on the side of the road, crying, i couldn't even help it. now i am lightheaded & nauseous... from the pain?! finally we get the tire on, head to our destination.....

[swollen. bleeding under the skin. black & blue along the side]
... the guy i needed to speak with wasnt even there! so now we drove 45 minutes, blew out a tire, smashed a finger all for nothing. i tell jer to head to my moms work so i can get some ice for my hand. stop there, head to the grocery store then to tmobile to figure out the problems ive been having with my phone.

we get to tmobile. jer goes inside, we wait. [they put a new a sim card in my phone, said it should solve the problem, the jury is still out on that] we just got a new car right, so i am investigating the child locks on the doors, obviously i was investigating the wrong things because i thought i put them on only whatever i did resulted in neither of the back doors closing. now i am crying again because im still in pain. i am stressed out. i know jeremiah is going to freak out when he comes out of the store. how do i fix it, how are we going to get home. UGH!!!!!! after jer came out & had his little episode like i knew he would, he got it fixed & we got the doors closed. by this time it was too late to head to the radio station. so we headed home. at that point i was just ready for the day to be over with.

now instead of needing just the two front tires done, i need all four tires done, not happy about it! i feel like it's just been one thing after another ever since my car decided to burst in flames, our luck has been anything but fantastic. i am ready for a break already!

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