Thursday, June 30, 2011

please forgive me ....

i've been a bad blogger lately. it's been a combination of being out of the house & well, just being lazy!

tuesday was another fantastic family day. we got up, got ready & headed out for breakfast at bob evans. after breakfast we headed to adventure island[the water park]. the kids had so much fun! the lazy river. the kids areas with water everywhere. the wave pool. water slides. what a fun day. i can't wait to go back & do it all over again.

we ended up getting super lucky. apparently it rained everywhere in the area except where we were!

i do have a funny story too. braedon is wearing a life vest like this:

see the little pillow like piece. okay now listen to this. we are in the wave pool & braedon isn't the biggest fan of it. in fact he was saying don't like it, dont like it. i am holding him. his legs are on either side of my hips & i am holding his back. i lean him back a little, still hanging on to him. he is holding my arms but his head is relaxing on this little pillow piece. next thing i know my kid is sleeping in the wave pool. who does that? my child who never misses a nap anywhere for anything. random people we're coming over & asking us "is he really sleeping?" after a couple minutes we got out of the pool, walked over to the lazy river. i got in a raft, jer put braedon [still sleeping] in my lap & we floated around the river for almost an hour while he was catching some zzzzz's. it was hilarious, i wish i had a water proof camera so i could show you just how funny it really was.

aside from that nothing exciting has happened. we have just been hanging around the house. stuck inside because it's been raining days. since friday actually. i am starting to wonder if we live in the sunshine state or seattle. i am about over this crappy weather. it seems to make me blah. i like a good rainy/stormy day once & awhile, but this is too much. it makes me lazy. all i want to do is play with the kids, watch movies under the blankets. not clean or do dishes. 

being lazy is not something i can afford to be right now. my brother in law is going to be here MONDAY. holy crap when did that happen?! that means i have three full days to get things ready before he gets here, which is really only two days because we'll be celebrating the 4th on sunday at busch gardens for the fireworks. with jer working all day monday & chris flying in that day, sunday is our family 4th day.

oh i forgot another funny: yesterday colton is laying on his belly watching out the sliding glass doors. i ask him what he is doing he tells me just watching whats going on outside. okay. a couple minutes later he comes over to me with the most serious look on his face & says: "if somebody knocks on the door, you come let me know" i ask him if he is waiting for somebody & he says "yes, yes i am." well okay then. maybe he has a girlfriend i don't know about?!

have a rambled on enough for you. i would like to say i promise ill be a better blogger this week but with said brother in law being here i cant promise that will happen, but i'll try my hardest.

hope everyone has a happy & safe holiday weekend! 

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