Wednesday, June 8, 2011

our weekend & family day at sea world

the sea world portion of this post contains a massive photo dump
[its just too hard to pick a few pictures]

this past weekend was fantastic actually im not sure it could have been much better. i already talked about friday. saturday the kids & i hung out around the house. spent some time playing with their new water table[they're obsessed] & i did a few things around the house.

when jeremiah got home from work we headed out to the store. after tons of convincing i talked him into taking me to get my birthday present early.

this is what i got. canon powershot 130x is. im on way to the big leagues. gotta start out small, haha! in any case i am totally in love with it. way better that my last point & shoot that only had 3x zoom. there are so many features, that will probably take me forever to learn, but i am in love. i pretty much want to document every minute of our life in photos. expect many more pictures around the blog.

after shopping i dumped all the boys at home & headed over to mom's to say goodbye to my parents before they left to costa rica for ten days. saturday night was awful. i couldnt sleep to save my life. after about four hours of sleep it was up & at it early sunday morning. fed the kids breakfast, packed the bag, got ready & hit the road out to orlando to spend the day at sea world.

it was amazing. i think it might have been one of our best family days to date. braedon was amazed by everything. he couldnt stop looking. he couldnt stop talking about it all. colton had a blast too. he got to feed the sting rays, the seals ... & even the dolphins. jer was an awesome husband & sat with the kids for 10 minutes so i could jump on a roller coaster real quick. we took a couple breaks for food & snacks. braedon took a snooze in the stroller & we finished the day off with the shamu show. the kids were spoiled as usual & came home with lots of goodies. i am honestly so happy we got season passes. i can't wait to go back! i def think we'll be getting our moneys worth. 

 [mama & baby loves ♥]
 [petting/feeding sting rays]
 [petting/feeding the dolphins]
 [shamu of course]

 [braedon was amazed by all the fish]
 [seriously, does it get any cuter?!]

 [loves his daddy ♥]

 [my amazing little family ♥]

 [of course at least one tantrum was to be had]

[worn out after a long day]

i am in love with my new camera. i just couldnt stop taking pictures, nor could i choose which to post. if you want to see them all head over to facebook, they're all up there! 

today is our friday ... again! looking forward to family night & another full day tomorrow at busch gardens. 

happy hump day!
[if you made it all the way down here ... yay! :)]

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