Tuesday, June 7, 2011

need a giggle?!

here are a couple funnies from our day

i'm vacuuming coltons bedroom & the vacuum is getting real full so i decide to empty it into the garbage bag. well i missed & all the dirt went all over coltons carpet. he said :
"thats nice, thats real nice mom. we just worked so hard to clean this room & you just dont even care. you made an even bigger mess. thanks"

umm, excuse me?! how old are you colton? i reassured him that i would clean it up, i dont think he believed me until it was actually done.

[he thinks he's so grown up]

braedon cracked me up today too. we were playing around giggling then he ran away from me with this evil little look on his face.
me:"what are you doing?"
his response "nothing"

seriously?! did my not even two year old really just tell me he's doing nothing?!

 how old do these kids think they are?! sigh... boy are they growing up & honestly i am not too sure how i feel about it. i wish i could just freeze time for a bit & keep them little, not forever, but for a little while longer!

btw i promise my weekend in review/ sea world post will be up soon. hopefully tomorrow! it was such a great weekend & i have so many great pictures i cant wait to share. i need to get it up tomorrow because thursday we are going to busch gardens then i am going to have a whole new day/ pictures to post. cross your fingers the kids take a nice nap tomorrow & let me have some down time

have a good night 

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Sarah said...

Awww. Sweet photos.