Wednesday, June 22, 2011

let the fun begin

well guys, i am officially the big 2-5! i cant believe yesterday was my birthday, not because it was my birthday but holy cow! the year is half over?! seriously, when did that happen?

yesterday was honestly a pretty blah day. jer worked allll day. friends & family they all worked too so i hung around the house with the baby loves. nice way to spend the day but wasnt real exciting. spent the morning playing. enjoyed some casey anthony during their long naps. dad stopped by with flowers, balloon & a card from them. totally put a smile on the face. jeremiah surprised me with pizza & wings showing  up at the house, but we already ate so i have a yummy lunch waiting for me. its not even 9:30 & i am already considering breaking out the wings. the kids & i went for an hour walk together after dinner before bed. i spent some time cleaning the house last night. most people work on their birthdays right?! i was no exception.

jeremiah came home from work with a card & presents ... wanna take a stab at what it was?! a giant toy story coloring book & a box of 120 brand new crayons. if you really know me, you know i was over the moon about this :) ... i got my real present a couple weeks ago my camera remember. all in all a decent relaxing day!

today i am spending with the kids around the house & will spend the afternoon getting things together. the kids are heading to my mom & dads for the night & all day tomorrow. colton is so excited he has been trying to pack for a week! well today is finally the day! i think dad is picking them up on his way from work then my hubby & i are headed out. too bad i just cant figure out what i want to do with myself tonight. out with a couple friends for sure, but where & to do what?! out for some drinks?! not to sure i am in the mood for that. i have four free improv tickets, but i am not sure i want to do that either. maybe bowling... or mini golf?! i dont know. i do need to figure it out though!

& tomorrow. SO EXCITED for tomorrow we're finally heading to busch gardens minus the kids for a day of twists, turns & drops. its kind of torture going with the kids & just watching all the rollercoasters & hearing all the screams[dont get me wrong, i LOVE going with the kids its always so much fun] but i am a thrill seeker & love a 200 foot drop face first! jeremiah not so much, i think he is already full of anxiety & we're not even there. he likes rollercoasters though i am sure as soon as we get off the first one he will be ready to go.

i probably wont be around again until the weekend, so i hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week!


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

happy birthday! i hope it's a great one!

~Pam~ said...

I know what you mean, this year is speeding by! Hope you enjoy these 2 days without the boys. Have fun on the scary rides! lol

Oh, that doesn't surprise me at all about the coloring book and crayons. :-)