Friday, June 3, 2011

im so excited & i just cant hide it

okay it's friday & a great one at that :) sadly jeremiah is at work today & will even be there tomorrow but that doesn't change the fact that it's the weekend. 

my little finger is on the mend! it's feeling much better than past days. it's also the last day i am supposed to have this stupid splint on my finger. im almost free again!

this morning if finally did it. we have been discussing it for month & today i finally just clicked my little heart away .... we bought season passes this morning for BUSCH GARDENS AND SEA WORLD. i mean seriously. we live in florida. they're at our disposal all the time. it just made sense with busch gardens being about 15 minutes away & sea world 45 minutes away we can pack up & head to either park whenever we want now. for the entire year. with our pass parking is free & we get a discount on food & merchandise.  

our first stop family day at busch gardens on sunday. i personally LOVE sea world & that's where i would head BUT we're taking braedon there for his birthday next month. so i want the shock value from them both, not "oh we were just here" but busch gardens is pretty cool & there have been a lot of new exhibits open since i've last been there. i also plan on getting a sitter & spending the day at BG with my hubby for my birthday so we can ride all the roller coasters :)

aside from that the kids seem to be in great spirits this morning & that's always a plus. we're just hanging around the house today then its out shopping later when jeremiah gets home. i am thinking about finally getting them a water table!

hope you all have a good day!

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