Thursday, June 16, 2011

i guess i will never understand

i have thought about writing this post numerous times. every time i sit down to do it i end up sitting here staring at the blank screen & finally decide not to. now i am finally going to. this is my blog right. my place to talk brag about my kids. to express myself. to speak whats on my mind. right?! i have lots of thoughts on my mind regarding this situation i am not sure its going to end up coming out very smooth so i apologize if it is a little scattered around but thats kinda how my brain is.

my mind is blown! you wanna know why? my kids have grandparents that they havent seen since april. before that november. you know why this is so crazy to me? these grandparents are a half hour away. did you notice december got skipped over in there? yep. christmas. skipped. they didnt see them. they didnt call them. they didnt even put a card in the mail for them. braedons first birthday. exact same thing. they didnt spend any time with him to celebrate. they didnt send him a card. they didnt even call him. 

these boys, amazing beautiful smart little boys blow my mind. they add a sparkle to everyones eye. i just dont understand it. we have family all over the country. my family up north comes down to see us & the kids once a year. my husbands family in michigan ... i am sure if we lived a half hour away from them they would be coming & stealing these babies all the time. as far as my parents go ... we are always with them. every holiday. every birthday. just to hang out. my parents babysit for an hour or they take the kids for an entire weekend, not because we ask but because they like to do that. my kids are a lot of work, esp for a whole weekend but they love spending time with the kids. they are fun. they are funny! 

my kids are growing up & they dont even know these grandparents. obviously i mean they know who they are. braedon maybe not so sure all the time. he is still young & obviously does not see them very often. but they dont spend anytime with them. & the grandparents certainly dont know my kids. they dont know their favorite foods, or cartoons, what they like, what they dont like. how similar they are in some ways yet totally opposite in other ways. they dont know that colton can name a word for every letter in the alphabet. they dont know that braedon talks sentences. they dont how to make them laugh, or how funny they are. & at the rate they're going they never will.

colton knows that grandma & grandpa in michigan are papa & gram. he knows where they are. he knows what to call them. when it comes to grandparents down here so knows that they are both here but refers to my parents as the "regular" grandma & grandpa. he did that all on his own. 

why? what is the logic?! how could you be so close to these amazing boys. yet be so far away. seriously, the year is half over already & you've seen the kids once ... for about an hour?! i just dont understand. i know life gets busy & people work & all that. i dont need you to spoil the kids or buy them things you dont even need to take them for an entire weekend but why couldnt you pick them up for an hour & take them to the park. or out to dinner. 

i guess i will never know the answers to these questions. sometimes things just are& this is one of those situations. we used to ask them to babysit the kids ... we would get a no. every.single.time. now i am done asking. we wouldn't even ask because we had somewhere to go or things to do but because we thought they would like to spend some time with them. obviously we were wrong. now we're done offering them. they know how to get a hold of us. they know where we live. i supposed if they ever decide they would like to spend some time with & get to know their grandchildren they know how to make it happen.


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i cannot tell you how much i can relate to this post.

peppy's dad and step mom live 20 minutes from us, and i can count on both hands how many times they've seen gage in his entire life. we actually saw them this past weekend, and peppy's dad said (about owsley,) "wow! he's holding his head up!"

ummm...owsley is seven months old.

it drives me crazy how they don't know anything at all about their grandchildren. and if they don't put any effort into having a relationship with them when they are young, it's never going to happen when the boys are older.

Pam said...

OH you know how much we wish we all lived closer!! You are right, so right, we would be stealing those babies all the time!!! Dan and I are talking about coming down for a visit in Nov. or Jan. We are praying that Dan can retire soon, that would make it so much easier to make trips down there.
We miss you and Jer and the boys LOTS!! Love you all xoxoxo