Friday, June 3, 2011

i don't know what it is but i am completely consumed...

... by the casey anthony trial. i just can't get enough. being a story from orlando it's something i've followed since the very beginning. when all of this first started back in 2008 jeremiah was training for his new job & we were actually spending the week in orlando. this is time she was arrested & caylee was "missing" it was all over the news the entire stay.

now that the trial is going on i just cant stop watching. i record it everyday. i watch it at naptime. i watch it at bedtime. i read the news stories every night. i don't know what it is. i don't know if its because its so close to home. if its because my dream is to stand in a court room all day & be the state attorney. maybe its the fact that i just dont understand. if youve watched you know what i am talking about. i just dont understand the way casey anthonys mind works. it truly blows my mind!

at least i know i am not the only person who is like this & at least i am not getting to the court house at midnight to make sure i can get a public seat in the court room, that's a bit much.

there is much unknown. nobody really knows what happened to that poor little girl. nobody knows what goes on in casey anthonys head. nobody knows what the jury is going to do. there is no doubt in my mind that she is guilty. i didnt jump to this conclusion. i came to it over 3 years worth of evidence. fact: florida is a death penalty state. if the jury comes back with a guilty verdict i hope they recommend death. i am sorry, i am pro death sentence. i believe if you take the life of an innocent, sweet little two year old baby girl you do not deserve your own.

on a different note jose baez is a complete idiot. he was referred to her from fellow inmates. it took him 8 years to pass the bar exam. he was only an attorney for 3 years before he took this case[which at the time was only a child neglect charge]. he has only won 4 trials before hand. the legal experts say even the most experienced attorney would struggle with this case. but now this nobody with practically no trial experience is literally trying to save her life. i'm sorry big mistake on her part! i think he is falling on his face & i think he might be making that much easier for the jury to come back guilty.

in the end all that matters is that an innocent little girl gets justice & her family,though may never even know what really happened, but hopefully this will bring some closure to them.

the point of this post? i guess there really isnt one. ive been slacking on the blogging lately because my free time is spent watching this instead of sitting on the computer!

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