Saturday, June 4, 2011

happy saturday

it our friday & i'm so excited! though yesterday wasnt bad but its exciting our weekend is actually starting. last night we went out & about for a bit. did some shopping for things around the house. the boys each got a new pair of flip flops ... its summer :) i got a few new things & we finally got the kids their water table!

after shopping we went out to dinner & the kids both pigged out. i think they ate more that jeremiah & me. 
[that says plastic silverware ... 54 cents. since i don't like braedon using a big metal fork i sent jeremiah to find him a plastic fork. this is what he came back with. ive never heard of such a thing]

i love getting out of the house & spending time with my boys. i feel like family time is something we just never get enough of. as fat as today goes the boys woke up pretty cranky since they were in bed late last night. so they are both in their beds right now enjoying some nap/quiet time.hopefully when they wake up they're in better spirits. ill be spending this time picking up the house & doing some laundry. the usual saturday thing.

we've had a change of plans. tomorrow we are going to sea world instead of busch gardens. jeremiah decided to open his big mouth & at that time colton decided he would rather go see the sharks & fish instead of the animals. i hope they dont mind we're going back for braedons birthday. in any case we will be up, out of the house & headed to orlando bright & early tomorrow for a day full of fun in the sun. expect lots of pictures monday

hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said... boys would love a water table like that!

Sarah said...

I love that water table. So neat.