Saturday, June 18, 2011

it's saturday ... smile :)

happy saturday! what's going on around here? not very much. its been a very few relaxed days around the house[except yesterday was meltdown city around here]. jer has been working a bunch/late so the kids & i have been hanging around the homestead.

i am keeping my fingers crossed today that jer kicks butt at work today. i really dont want him to have to go in to work tomorrow, i mean c'mon. its fathers day! that's totally lame! if he doesnt work we'll be ....[wanna take a guess?] ... you got it, spending the day at busch gardens! we always have so much fun! on that note we're actually thinking about adding the water park to our passes. it would give us a couple in-town options[we have sea world too, but it's an hour away.] adventure island[the water park] is right across the street from BG so you could even do both. i think the kids would absolutely have a BLAST! working on that now :)

tonight when jer gets off work we're supposed to head over to mom's. i am so excited. they just spent 10 days in costa rica so i am thrilled to go see them. see their pictures & hear about their adventures & colton is really missing them too.

in other news my birthday is TUESDAY?!?! when did that happen? i cant believe its already here & i am not too sure i am a fan of this whole 25 thing just yet. of course as luck would have it jer has to work an 8am-9pm shift on tuesday & everyone else?! well they all have to work too so my actual bday is going to be spent around the house with my baby loves.... which is totally okay with me. they are a blast! then wednesday the kids are heading to moms for a sleepover so we're going to go out with some friends then thursday jer & i are heading to busch gardens so we can ride all the rollercoasters.should be a blast.

i promise i'll get around to my busch gardens post & pictures soon. when you hear how brave my little man is your mind will be blown!

until then ....

hope you all have a great weekend!

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pam said...

Have a great weekend! I mailed your bd card today. i hope it gets there on Tuesday!!
Love & hugs