Friday, June 10, 2011

busch gardens = summer fun ♥

good morning & tgif. i wish i was super excited about the weeekend but today marks the end of our weekend & jer will be at work alllll weekend.

we had a blast yesterday at busch gardens. i am SO happy we decided on season passes. i have a feeling we will be going a lot. i like sea world better but busch gardens is only 15 minutes away instead of an hour. we already have plans to go back tuesday with the kids. colton wants to go back to he can play in the water & ride the rides in the sesame street area, we didn't do a lot of that yesterday & jeremiah & i have plans to visit in two weeks without the kids to celebrate my birthday & ride all the rides.

we walked around seeing all the animals. the kids rode a few rides here & there. we stopped & had a visit with elmo. ate lunch. jer let me ride a roller coaster while back at camp colton was playing in the sand & braedon was taking a snooze. we played in the splash zone of one of the roller coasters for a long time. everybody got soaked! as hot as it was ... it felt great! oh by the way ... remember when i said i was kinda obsessed with my new camera ... well, i just cant stop playing with it/taking pictures so YOU get to look at them....

when the park closed we packed up & headed home. stopped & got the boys happy meals on the way. then it was changes, pajamas & bed for the kids when we got home. ahhh, then it was finally time to sit down & relax for a bit. took a shower, popped some taquitos in the oven & watched jeopardy with my love, then i headed to the bedroom to catch up on casey anthony while he played around on the computer.

i have declared today a pajama day! me & the baby loves are going to hang out around the house all day in our jammies, the only thing i really need to do around here is a load or two of laundry. aside from that we are just gonna take it easy. we've been on the go a lot lately, today we will unwind.

hope you have a fabulous friday

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