Sunday, June 26, 2011

busch gardens : massive photo dump

member about that busch gardens post i kept talking about?! well it's finally time! the kids are chowing a huge breakfast i made for them. it is another rainy day [i know i complained it hadn't rained in awhile but i am confused as to if we live in the sunshine state or seattle?! it's day 3 of nothing but dark & rainy] so i finally thought i would sit down & have at it.

if you hadn't yet noticed we are always going to busch gardens. my little family loves it. a perfect way to spend a day off. the animals are beautiful. we could all just sit & stare for hours. the rides are great. colton rides everything he is big enough for, braedon is kinda on the whimpy side, but he is still little, jeremiah lets me jump on the occasional rollercoaster. the kids love playing in the sesame street kids area. it's just great family fun.

i am so proud of colton my little daredevil. he has no fear. he will go on anything & everything he is big enough for. my three year old puts his arms up on the kiddie coaster. thats right he doesn't hang on at all. he actually yelled at me for trying to hang onto him & then told me to put my hands up. he is my brave little boy i cant wait until he gets taller so he can go on the fun stuff. he actually gets mad [& threw a fit or two] because he isn't 54 inches & is not big enough to go on all of the big rides. soon enough colton, soon enough. okay okay, enough with the words i'll leave you with some pictures of our trips so far.

sorry for the massive photo dump. these are from more than one trip. in the future i'll make sure to do pics one day at a time!

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Sarah said...

How fun. I love that Busch Gardens. Ours here is not as nice.