Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a boy & his best pal hips

many many years ago before either of my kids were here i was given a red stuffed hippo[i am obsessed & collect them if you didn't know] for valentines day. it sat on my dresser or a shelf, whatever.

i don't remember why exactly it happened but when colton was about six months old this hippo has been his. its been his & i quote him "best pal" for all these years. once he was big enough to talk this hippo became HIPS & hips became a part of our family. 

this hippo has done everything & been everywhere with us. hes been on vacations. in caves. to the beach. he sleeps with colton. he eats with colton. he cooks with us. he goes grocery shopping with us. to the park. you get the idea. hips is his favorite. hips is his best friend.

a couple years ago hips was lost ... forever. in target. it was pouring rain. we locked the keys in the car. worst day anyways but then my son lost his best pal on top of it. he was an emotional wreck. his best pal was gone. we let him pick out a new animal, a new pal. he just wasnt hips. 

we rushed home, searched the internet & found a new hips. ordered him right away. days prior to the loss colton was telling us "hips neck was broke" the stuffing was gone, he was all limp. within days we had a brand new hips. we told colton we sent him to the doctor to be fixed up & the doctor sent him back. all was well in the world again & colton had his best friend back.

fast forward to this past weekend. we spent fathers day at busch gardens. spent a lot of time in the kiddie area, playing in the water. it was perfect! except that hips was lost. once we realized it jeremiah hurried back to all the spots we were in that area. the water. the bathroom. where the show was. hips was no longer there. & he was gone again! colton was beside himself sad. we hurried over to a gift shop & let him pick out a stuffed animal. he picked a cheetah & named him "spots". but again it just isnt hips. 

by the time we got home my mother in law had already searched & found a hips. we looked a little bit more. i swear to you this was the only hips on the internet. it's a ty [large] beanie baby. it was from 2007. it has since been retired... & its rare. 

so we paid $35 on a new hips for colton. we told him elmo called [since we were in the sesame street area] & found him. that he was going to fix him up, make him like new & send him back in the mail since he cant drive. colton is still asking for hips but he is happy to know that a new one is coming.

four years & soon to be three hips later & colton will be happy again! years ago i could have never imagined paying so much money for a stuffed animal. it's amazing what you'll do to make your kids smile

take a look at colton & hips through the years....

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