Friday, May 13, 2011

when does it stop?! ... in september?!

i was thinking this morning about how fast time is going. my birthday is next month & i am blown away. not by the fact that it's my birthday, or that i'll be 25 but that it's the first day of summer. where did spring go? & it will officially be half way through the year. its mind blowing!

while thinking about all this i sat & thought holy cow! these next few month are going to be so busy & come july i wont have time for anything. here is what the next couple months look like:

sunday may 15th- the old man husbands birthday!

friday may 20th- going to court to support my friend & her sister. it's sentencing day. if you don't remember what i am taking about you can read about it here. i am hoping he sits behind bars for the rest of his life

next sunday[the 22nd]- we will be spending the day celebrating the hubby's birthday since he has to work all day the day of.

 may 25th- dad's birthday

saturday may 28th- 97x backyard bbq. all day concert in st.pete with my best friend & we're bringing along my sissy & a friend.

may 30th- memorial day

june 6th- parents leave for costa rica[ this doesn't really affect me except that i don't know who i am going to chit chat with everyday :( ]

june 17th- keith urban concert [this will be my birthday present]

 sunday june 19th- fathers day

june 21st- im turning the big 25

& then comes july... ready for this?!

july 4th- obviously it's the 4th & my brother in law is flying in from michigan for a week

sunday july 17th- my baby big boy braedon's 2nd birthday party

saturday july 23rd- braedon turns 2

saturday july 30th- the "keep our angel home" fundraising event

mom's birthday is august 13th

then finally i will have some time to unwind from all this chaos! but it wont last long because then it will coltons birthday, his party, halloween, thanksgiving & boom its time to get ready for christmas & new years. 

2012 is going to be here before i can even mutter it!

at least the next few months will be exciting around the blog as it looks like ill have tons to post about!

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