Monday, May 2, 2011

weekend in review

thursday ended up being a great day! we left the house later than i had wanted to, but with two kids it seems that we can never get out of the house "on time". after finally leaving the house about 3 hours later than hoped for, we headed to mom's to drop off the boys. colton is so cute & he is starting to miss us when we leave, im happy to know he wants me around, haha! then it was out to orlando! we made a stop in kissimmee to see my aunt & uncle. we were only able to stay for about an hour before we had to leave for the show but it was nice to see them again before they headed home. we get downtown orlando pull into the amway arena & the parking lot was empty! either they canceled the concert or we were at the wrong place. yep, it was the later. i pull out the tickets & they say amway center not amway arena! opps, my bad! i had originally looked up the wrong thing. thank goodness for cell phones & mapquest because in the blink of an eye we were at the right place. the show was amazing. it was a nice night out different than the normal. at about 11 o clock we made the long voyage from orlando to mom's then finally got back home about 2am!

don't really have much to report from friday except that i was exhausted. the kids & i just hung out around the house all day!

saturday was a big day! bright & early we were out of the house. went & met my parents for a minute then headed down to bradenton & came home with a new car. i kinda feel like an adult. i finally bought a car. when i was 16 my parents bought me a brand new car with like 15 miles on it & i drove it until just recently. it was stressful & exciting at the same time. afterwards we didn't really do much of anything. jer took my car to work "for an oil change" really i think he was just excited & wanted to drive it! 

yesterday wasn't a bad day at all! it's so nice having two cars again! for the first time in months & months & months i had freedom! my own car to do & go where i please. i packed up the kids & headed out. it was a bit stressful i have only done this a couple times on my own & we headed to moms. i wanted my parents to see the new car & then we ended up leaving the boys with my dad & we headed to shopping for a couple hours! yes you read correctly, not only did i get out of the house, i got a break from the kids all in one day! fantastic

today shouldn't be too bad either! the kids seem to be in an okay mood, i know it's still early, ask me later if it lasted. jer is off at five & it's our friday which means it's family dinner night & my husband & i may be able to actually spend some time together that isn't just sleeping in bed! 

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