Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a walk in the park [photo dump]

caution : there will be lots of [very cute] photos after you read this

yesterday turned out to be the perfect day! at one time i checked my weather widget & it said 76! i am so glad we took total advantage of the beautiful day! when jer got home from errands we wasted no time getting the kids dressed & heading out the door.

first it was off to mcdonalds for lunch after happy meals we headed into the play place to let the boys play. i was really surprised & it wasn't crowded at all. usually the place is packed & the bigger kids are mean, but this time the boys had free roam of the place. after about an hour we headed to the park down the street. there is a playground & tons of free open grass to just run! the kids had an absolute blast. after another hour spent there we headed to our favorite park [lettuce lake park] for a walk through the nature trail. we were hoping to spot some gators but were unsuccessful & didn't see any. on the way home we made a stop at baskin robins for some ice cream & the baby loves chowed down.

it was then home for family nap time & spaghetti for dinner. daddy gave the kids a bath & we were in bed by 10pm, it was fabulous! all in all a great day! i love every moment we get to spend as a family, we spend so much time without jeremiah we all soak it up when he is here!

 [love this face ... so serious]

[this is the "wheeeeee" face]
[this is the "okay, get me outta here face"]

[starting our nature walk]

[had to throw one of us in there]

 ["umm, it's kinda cold" face]

[trying to wipe his brothers face]
[he was on a mission to clean that face]

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