Friday, May 6, 2011

the quiet is almost gone

there are few moments in the day when the house is actually quiet. mainly when it's me & braedon just hanging out. he talks a little bit but it's not non stop like colton. he is the quiet one. he always has been. but now, now it begins & once it begins it never stops. with the way he is going i expect him to be a full blown talker by his second birthday. it really is incredible to watch how fast everything happens. recently added to the list:

want some
too[he uses this when he wants something from time to time. like me too, without the me]
love too[i realize he is missing the I & the you, but it is the sweetest thing]
bath time
come on

obviously there are more than that but these of some of the cutest & my favorites. everyday he has new words & is starting to make sentences 


we're spending some time picking up the house, since i never got around to it last night i just had a horrible headache & spent the night in bed/on the couch. my little buddy colton is helping me, his end goal, he gets to paint when we are done. yes i have to bribe him to help me pick up his toys!

it is dark outside. i could only assume there will be storms here soon. colton notices the dark outside. he then tells me this:

"i need to paint NOW the storms are coming, the rain is coming & if i don't stay busy i will be bore"

i am telling you the laughs around here never stop!

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Sarah said...

Awww. Those are so sweet. Love them. I really need to start writing down stuff Dustyn says.