Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a new member of the family ...

during my weekend in review i said not much happened but i forgot about this. maybe i didn't forget i just have a habit of getting lost in my days.

friday when jer got home from work colton & i headed out for some mommy & colton time. something that we rarely get. its mommy & braedon or daddy & colton it was so nice to get out with my little man. we didnt do anything exciting, just headed out & about for a bit. turned  the music up in the car, sang screamed the lyrics of the lazy song together, he helped me with my shopping list & we bought him a new fish!

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[excuse the poor quality - these are from my phone]
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it was just an hour. but a much needed, long over due hour. i think from here on out i am going to try to make this a weekly thing. it was probably nice for brae to spend some alone time with his daddy. he never gets that!

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