Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day recap

well. jeremiah was supposed to be off work @ 9pm & i just[9:40] got a phone call that he still isn't even on his way. so i thought i would take this time to catch up on the weekend.

i won't give much detail about friday & saturday because well there is not much detail to give.

saturday night after our nightly jeopardy match jer & i headed to bed for a movie. he did not even make it through the credits i on the other hand decided to watch the entire thing until about 3am which was okay because i'd be able to sleep in sunday morning for mothers day right?!

about 3:20 jeremiah comes into the bedroom with a hysterical colton. apparently there was a "one eyed green monster on his pillow" long story short. he had a bad dream. was terrified & refused to go back in his room. i talked with him, calmed him down & we all went back to sleep in our bed,

are you kidding? i think i can count on one hand the number of times colton has woken up in the middle of the night but now the night before mothers day, he is awake  & in my bed. but hey, part of the mom job.

sunday morning:
7:15- "it's sunny! the sun is up, the sun is up, it's time to get off your butt"
7:30- jeremiah's alarm clock goes off. serious fail for not turning it off sat night
7:45 braedon is getting a diaper change ... crying ... a foot away from me
8:00- two children screaming like maniacs in the living room

needless to say i did not sleep in! but i did stay in bed till about 9. when i finally emerged from the bedroom i got the sweetest card. not from the store, or written by hallmark but a homemade card[that i'll keep forever] jeremiah sat down with the kids & they painted me a beautiful card. so much better than anything that could have ever came from the store. husband made me us breakfast & i crawled my butt back in bed. i had taken two benadryl, whoops & could feel the drowsy coming over me. i ended up sleeping.. for hours. something about being able to take a nap until i decided to wake up instead of napping & having to get up when the kids wake up was amazing.

when i woke up & came out of the bedroom i saw a clean house & the babies were sleeping. even better? the washer & dryer were both going. spent the rest of the day playing with the kids. we made homemade pizza together for dinner & i ended up beating jeremiah at jeopardy last night.

we didn't go anywhere, i didn't any big presents but my day was perfect being with my kids & relaxing doing nothing was exactly how i wanted to spend the day. & my husband went above & beyond yesterday, he is amazing! 

next month is his turn ... & you can bet i'll have colton sleep in bed with us, set an alarm or two & make sure to change diapers on the bed ... at 7:30am :) hahaha! 

hope you all had a fantastic day!

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~Pam~ said...

Sounds like a nice day hun!! Mine was nice, Kelly and I went to church, hung out together for the day at home and then had dinner with Mom, Dad, Tim & Jennifer at La Fiesta. Dan had to hoo! But it was nice spending the day with Kelly and even though my boys couldn't be here..they all called me. :-)