Tuesday, May 17, 2011

morning bliss

i love my mornings! now dont get me wrong i hate waking up & having to get out of bed if its before 8am ... which it usually is, but once i am up & adjusted all is well. first things first, the kids get up & changed, run around for a little bit while i make them breakfast. this is then one of my favorite parts after the day. after sleeping & not eating all night they are both roaring & ready to go. they chow ... & watch cartoons while they eat. this is my time. the same thing everyday [except the days jer is home] once i get them all situated, i grab my caffeine, my bowl of cereal & turn the computer on.

facebook. twitter. blog reading/writing. news

it works! its fabulous! & as soon as the kids are done i'm done & it's off to play dinosaurs & monster trucks. clean messes. change diapers. cook meals. fight naps. play more. give baths. fight bedtime. but breakfast, breakfast is one of the only sane, peaceful quiet times of the day!


i know i have been absent lately. not much has really been going on lately & ive been a little stressed. but i am hoping the stress is gone for awhile & we have a couple ideas planned for the weekend so i should be back in full swing soon. as for today, jeremiah is out running some errands right now then it's off to the park later. we have a cold front & the high for today is only like 78 degrees so there is no way we are going to just hang out at home. when it's 90-95 everyday you have to take full advantage of a 70 something day! my camera battery is charging now, so expect pictures! 

have you voted lately? 

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