Thursday, May 5, 2011

let the stockpiling begin ...

i'm sitting home the tuesday about to go wash the dishes left in the sink & grab for the soap. it's gone! a little light bulb then goes off in my head & i remembered that dawn dish soap was on sale for .99 at cvs. another light bulb went off in my head "i have coupons". i was instantly excited! not that i am cheap but i spent so much time clipping these dang coupons i figured i might as well use then, i ran out to use them. jeremiah told me he needed body wash "ding ding ding" i had coupons for that too.

hop in the car, head to cvs! go grab my dish soap that cost me a whopping .24 & headed over to the body wash. it was on sale $1.00 off in the store. i had two coupons. one for a dollar off two & one that was buy one get one free. i scooped them up & headed to the check out.

my total bill= $18 & some change. i hand the cashier the cvs card, i hand him the coupons, scan scan scan... i walked out paying just over $7. seriously?! i saved more than i spent!

so now i have dish soap & jeremiah ... well he has three body wash. at least he wont be stinky for awhile.

& it's started. the stockpiling has begun! & i can't wait for the sunday paper!

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