Thursday, May 5, 2011

i should be cleaning...

... but i would rather be posting ... to get out of cleaning!

i wish i had something exciting to say! i wish there was something exciting going on ... but there isn't! monday was our friday. jeremiah came home from work & played mister mom for a bit. kept control of the kids. picked up the house. made dinner. & me, well i slept, but cut me some slack i do it pretty much by myself all day, everyday. after the kids went to bed we [& this should be no surprise to you] watched & played jeopardy, believe me when i say we're addicted yet? 

tuesday morning we got a little treat& the kids we slept till 9. i am sure they didn't sleep that late but they didn't start making noise till then. just spent the morning around the house. made some blueberry muffins, ate way more muffins than i should have, i think we all did they're just that good & watched some cartoons

i need a few things from the store, you can read about that awesome trip here & stopped to get the kids some lunch. once we got home & finished eating the baby loves went down for a nap & we headed to bed for the same thing. well at least i did, jer watched a movie. once the kids were awake it was time to head outside. the kids swam, we washed the truck, watched the kids swim, enjoyed the beautiful day. got the kids fed & in bed then sat down to an amazing dinner of our own. i had put a roast in the crockpot about 10am, we sat down to eat about 9pm, it was pretty darn good. not much excitement after that! 

it was a pretty blah boring day off but once & awhile you need those! 

wednesday morning the kids slept till 9:30. extra.special.treat. & hung out with daddy till it was time for him to go to work. yesterday was just one of those days! i just felt grrrrrr! like a monster. i didn't talk to anybody. i didn't text anyone. i don't even think i post a facebook status during the day. if i would have known about the cherry to top the day off i may have just stayed in bed all day. but that is for a post of its own coming up next!

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