Monday, May 30, 2011


don't forget to remember the men & women who gave their lives while you are enjoying your food, friends & family today ... & every other day.

around here it's no different than any other day. jeremiah is at work[he only gets four holidays off- christmas. thanksgiving. mothers day & easter] so it's just me & the baby loves hanging around the house. it's beautiful out ... if you love 95 degrees. i on the other hand am not a huge fan so we have been hanging out inside. painting. playing. we had a dance party. ate some food. took some naps. watched some cartoons. just patiently waiting for daddy to get home. which will *hopefully* be in the next hour. 

we're gonna do that dinner thing than i think head out to the yard for some swimming. because here we can swim at 7pm & it will still be 85+ degrees. i am pretty excited about the dinner thing. a couple weeks ago i saw a bob evans add in the newspaper & have had a crazy craving for it ever since. tonight i am taking care of that. i am not sure if we're going out or bringing it home with him. either way it will be fantastic. for weeks i have known exactly what it was that i wanted but now that we're actually ordering it i have no freaking idea what i want, my list has like 7 things on it =/ what's a girl to do? & i rented a couple movies. yogi bear for the kids to watch before bed & the resident for us. oh & did i mention its our friday?! well it is & i cant wait to snuggle up with my mister & spend some time together!

hope you all have a safe & happy holiday!

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