Sunday, May 15, 2011

happy birthday hubby!

... too bad he has been at work since 10am & will be there until 6! we've known all along that he had to work today so we didn't have anything big or extravagant planned for today & he hasn't really been too excited about today either. he actually forgot about it until i mentioned it yesterday. must be something about being 30+, haha!

we are going to celebrate next weekend when he has half the weekend off. maybe a bbq with friends one day, dinner & a day out another day.

with that being said its pretty lame around here today. he is getting his gifts next weekend when we celebrate. the kids & i gave him cards this morning before he left. chili is cooking in the crock pot. the kids & i made & decorated birthday cupcakes, they are hiding in the microwave to surprise him after dinner.

colton is really confused. birthdays are usually a big deal in this house. the kids always do something special on their birthday, then comes the party. last year we had a surprise party for jer's 30th. he doesn't understand why its daddys birthday & he is at work. why he is not having a birthday party. he then asked if we could make decorations & decorate the house so we can "have a special birthday party for daddy" when he gets home so that is exactly what we are going to do!

hopefully it will make him smile & take away some of the lameness of his day!

in case he reads this later : 
happy birthday honey! i love you ♥

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