Tuesday, May 10, 2011


they say first you should get a plant. then you should get a pet. then you should have children.

i have always had a pet & before my kids came she was my baby. never any problems. when it comes to my kids i like to think i am doing a pretty darn good job. when it comes to plants. i fail! i have tried over & over & over but have never been able to keep any plant alive. finally i gave up. i keep killing these poor plants.

yesterday my parents stopped by & they brought me a grape plant 

i am so excited!

colton is pretty excited as well. he gets to grow his own grapes.i'm sure braedon won't mind the grapes either. my task: to keep it alive! im thinking this challenge shouldnt be too difficult. it's tag says it needs water every two-three days, im pretty sure i can handle that & it needs constant sunlight 8+ hours, this shouldnt be a problem either after all we do live in the sunshine state!

wish me luck!


~Pam~ said...

Hope it goes well!!

Kayla Sue said...

I'm AWFUL with plants, but this looks fun! Good luck :)

AmyLee said...

oh man, i am the wrong person to wish you luck... i don't have a good track record with keeping plants alive! but good luck to you ;)