Tuesday, May 24, 2011

gone for a long, long time

remember when i was talking about going to court for sentencing?! that was supposed to be last friday. unfortunately my mom aka the babysitter got really sick & was contagious = unable to babysit. i was disappointed i could not be there in court with my friend. i was however able to keep up with everything through twitter. who would have thought you could sit in front of your computer & get the play by play of what was going on in the court room. tampa bay.com was keeping me informed. sitting in my own house, i cried from what i was reading. i cant even imagine how emotional it must have been to be in that room. as the judge was getting ready to sentence i sat here on pins & needles hitting refresh every 20 seconds until i saw it. until i saw this.

kendrick morris was given 65 years in prison for what he did

there is a good possibility once he walks into that prison he may never see the free world again. 65 years is not life but it is a long long time & if he makes it that long he will be a very old man when 65 years has passed.

i am happy. i am happy that he will never be able to hurt anyone again, he cannot steal anything from the innocent. i am happy for the family that this is finally over. with that being said, it is now time to focus & put all the attention towards the keep our angel home fundraiser. it is right around the corner & we have to get the gears moving. 


Kaitlin said...

Good to hear he was brought to some justice for what he's done.

~Pam~ said...

Glad he got a lot of time. Looking forward to hearing about the fundraiser!