Monday, May 2, 2011

extreme couponing ?!

...not so much! but i am really excited! yesterday i bought my first sunday papers[for coupons] & spent about two hours cutting & going through them. i can now totally understand why these women spend 60 hours a week, it's time consuming. i am looking forward to saving some money. after actually looking at these coupons it just makes sense & makes me wonder why i have never used a coupon before!

now don't get me wrong, i will not be like the women on tv. i dont have the time or the desire for that. i don't need to go to the grocery store to get 57 bottles of mustard when only one person uses it. i don't need 30 boxes of cereal. i don't need $1000 worth of food for $3.58 but if i find a coupon for something i would be buying anyways, why not use it! i got 50 cents off wipes yesterday. not a big deal. the only deal i got but i was happy & thought wow, if i can use a coupon on almost all of these items i could really save some money. sadly i have only been at it one day so i only have one days worth of coupons but i am so exciting to make grow as the weeks go on.

. if i can go shopping & save $20, $30, $40 dollars off my $350 shopping trip i would be a happy camper & that would be money i could just switch in to the savings account.. i planned on spending it anyways right, so it's not like i would miss it!

[i bought one yesterday morning when i bought the paper than bought another one when i was at walmart because i needed more room]
[one for household items]
[pretty impressive]
[one for food]

i am excited! & whats better is that jeremiah & i actually had a good time sitting & organizing last night. so i actually have a partner on my quest! 


Kaitlin @ said...

That's a really nice set-up you have going! I love how organized it looks!

Amanda Marie said...

I always carry around a coupon organizer like that, but not to that extreme. Mine is categorized by personal hygiene, cleaning products, food, and misc. I went to the store yesterday morning and saved almost 50% off my bill!! Kroger was tippling coupons all week, it was amazing! :)