Thursday, May 5, 2011

a craptastic day: karma is a B$*%#

this post will talk about my toddler & his poop! go back if you must but if you stick around you may get a laugh out of my misfortune!

first lets rewind a couple months back: jeremiah & i are home, prepping for dinner, waiting on a couple friends to head over & he realizes he forgot salad. he sends me to the store. i am gone about 10 minutes all together. it is important to realize i rarely leave the house alone, if the kids are awake, but hey i would be right back right? what was the worst that could happen?! while colton decided to try to use his big boy potty while i was gone & to keep this story short colton ended up standing in a pile of poop with jeremiah to clean the mess! i laughed & laughed & called my parents, my best friend & laughed some more! i mean what are the odds this would happen the one time i leave the house for 10 minutes? all the diapers. all the puke. jer was finally getting a small taste of what i have had to deal with for years.

fast forward now to yesterday: the kids are finished eating dinner. colton is melting down because i wont let him start a movie on the DVR. to get his mind off things i ask him if he wants to take a bath. he says yes, strips down & makes a b-line for the bathroom. i ask braedon if he wants a bath, he gets excited "bath time bath time bath time" we head to the bathroom. get the tub filled. dump the toys in. plop the kids in & sit down & as they play. we are talking, laughing, singing. no different than any other day right?

out of nowhere the bathroom is full of this awful smell. what the heck? then i see it! braedon pooped in the bathtub! are you kidding me? i went almost 4 years & hundreds of baths without anything like this ever happening & now when i am already having a crappy day- no pun intended- this is going to happen to me! i throw a towel on the floor. pull the kids out. put them on the towel.tell them not to move clean braedons butt. drain the water & clean the toys.

as the water is draining & i am waiting to clean this mess so we can try this bath thing again, braedon steps off the towel. just one little sliver of his heel remains & he poops on the bathroom floor! okay now you really have to be kidding right? it wasn't bad enough he already did this to me once, now he is doing it again & he couldn't have at least done it on the towel but it had to be on the floor! ahhhhh!!!!!

colton yells at him "braedon you do not poop on the floor, you do not poop in the bathtub! that is NAUGHTY!!!' i try to explain to colton he didn't mean to do it, it was an accident.

at this point i said forget the bath tonight. clean braedon's butt again. put pajamas on him & get him tucked into bed. meanwhile... colton is still standing on the towel, naked. after all i did tell them not to move right? he says to me "can i have a diaper now" i was cracking up!! got him changed & in bed. then the fun began.

i am telling you. i change 8,10,12 poopy diapers a day between them & it's never a problem, it never has been. something about this mess was different. i took everything i had to keep the food down. not exactly an awesome end to my anything but awesome day!

braedon didn't poop today so when it came time for bath time, well, we skipped bath time! we can wait until tomorrow night ....when daddy is home!!

& from here on out no matter how funny i think something is, i will never laugh out loud at jeremiah's misfortune again! i don't want it to come back to me, worse!

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