Sunday, May 29, 2011

97x backyard bbq & meeting the band

yesterday was the long awaited concert. i always look forward to a good concert, a break from the kids & good company & yesterday did not disappoint. i am not a "rocker" rarely even turn the current rock stations on when flipping through the radio but i love panic!at the disco & red jumpsuit apparatus. also included in the line up awolnation. hugo. marksmen. the airborn toxic event. sick puppies & a couple local bands as opening acts.

it was at vinoy park in st.pete awesome venue right on the water[ocean] & it was 95 degrees & sunny all day with only about three clouds in the sky, none of which ever even covered the sun for a moment or two. i spent so much money on & drank so much water yesterday it was ridiculous! but what choice did i have, had to stay hydrated for 8 hours in the sun like that.

we stopped by every booth & signed up for everything. if i don't win any of it i might be disappointed. we also signed up to meet each of the bands. at the top of every hour you had to go back to the booth to see if you won. didnt win, didnt win, didnt win. stopped by the next booth, still didnt win. as we were reading the board one of the djs from the station came up & told us if we just hang out for ten minutes if the winners didn't show up he would give us a wristband to go backstage. next thing i know he's putting it on my wrist, tiffany & i are heading backstage & waiting to MEET THE BAND. what a cool experience. we got each members autograph. talked to them for a couple minutes. got a few pictures. it's not the first time i've been backstage[i've met pitbull & others too] but it's always an awesome experience.

other highlights of the day: i managed to get a sunburn with 8hour long lasting, sport, spf 30 sunscreen on, i am the only one that burnt. i experienced my first mosh pit, not by choice, we got stuck in it, kinda scary actually it is not my thing. tiffany lost a shoe[in the mosh pit] & had to walk all the way back to car barefoot. due to some technical difficulties & my sisters phone not ringing for the half hour i called, we thought we lost her. that was terrifying & i was ready to go get emergency people to help, then we found her & now she knows to always answer her phone. oh & we saw some really drunk little[i mean short & skinny] girl hit a really big & tall security guard. probably not the smartest thing! all in all it ended up being a great day!

the boys spent last night at my parents too so i came home & showered. you wouldn't believe what your feet look like after being in a mosh pit. ordered chinese with my lovey & watched attempted to watch the other guys... we both fell asleep.

 [tiff & i backstage with the airborn toxic event]
[group shot with the band]
[the autographs]

 [my sister & her friend. we let them tag a long]
 [our view for the day]
 [umm, not really too sure what he was doing there]

 [the girls]

 [the airborn toxic event]
 [panic! at the disco]

a taste of our day 

[ready to go; panic! at the disco]
[sail; awolnation]
[facedown; red jumpsuit apparatus]

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