Monday, April 18, 2011

welcome to finland ; weekend recap

jimmy buffett was in town this weekend! my parrot heads parents & friends were attending the concert. i didn't have a babysitter jeremiah was working so the plan was never for me to go to the concert[i have seen him perform before], but for weeks the plans were to go tailgate & hangout with everyone all day. i was supposed to take jer to work at noon & head straight to the ford 1-800 ask gary amphitheater for a day of fun in the sun. it was no surprise to anybody saturday morning when i said we probably wouldnt be making it. colton had been sick all week. not just me but the kids were all functioning on roughly three hours of sleep. i didn't even know if we were going to end up with a rental car that day. it was just crazy! after jeremiah got the rental & left for work i was just sitting here with the kids[who were acting insane-i blame the lack of sleep] i was stressed & excuse my language ... pissed! all i wanted to was cry, but was trying so hard not to. finally i just said what the heck. i text my bestie & she was on her way to me & the kids. i was in such a foul mood i just needed to get out of this house, interact with some people get my mind off of it ... & yes once i got there i even had a beer. how was the jimmy buffett experience?! all i can really say is WHOA!!

we ended up spending the entire day out & we all ended up having a good time. there were lots of laughs. we walked around & looked at all the set-ups people had made. we grilled & ate lots of food. we blew bubbles & played games. all in all i think it was just what the doctor ordered! a break from reality & mini vaca to finland!

[mama & babies ♥]
 [sweet braebaby]
[with a cheeto face]
 [bean bag toss game]
 ["i win i win i win"]
 [he actually is REALLY good. i was surprised!]
[showing auntie tiff how its done]
 [& again]

[mama & colton]

 [the decorations]

 [base camp]
 [a beach]
 [so cool & not the only people to do it]
 [hahaha! wish you could really see how all these people were dressed]
 [people set up beachs, tiki huts & full bars]
 [another tag-a-long beach]

[happy jimmy buffett day- it's 5 o clock somewhere!]

yesterday was sunday but sadly this week was not family sunday funday. jeremiah had to work all day[actually ended up getting home 2+ hours late] so the kids & i just hung out around the house all day. colton still isn't 100% on the mend & he seemed to have passed his little germies onto me. i blame the constant rubbing of his nose on my shirt, eww. i was pretty excited when i turned on the tv & on the starz the guide said toy story, toy story 2 & toy story 3 YES! there was a toy story takeover on the tv & it was awesome! i dvr'd them so we have them forever! & we watched them pretty much all day. the kids didn't really want to do much else which was okay with me since i was kinda feeling like i got ran over by a semi. i also spent part of the day cleaning up the house. again with all the chaos of the weekend not much had really been done... except the kids tearing through it. i was moving at the pace of a snail but i am happy i got it done because now there are only a few things left to do today.

it's monday & usually most people complain about that, i on the other hand am thrilled. it might be a monday but its our friday! i just plan on hanging with the baby loves & finishing up things around the house today. tonight jer is off at 5 & it's going to be pizza & movie night. then tomorrow i think we are headed out car shopping. we've got to get a feel of whats out there because once the insurance company settles we arent going to have much time before we have to give the rental back.

happy monday!


Deanna said...

how old are your boys?

baby loves ♥ said...

colton[the bigger one] will be FOUR in october & braedon[the(not so)baby] is 21 months. he'll be TWO in july!