Saturday, April 30, 2011

we bought a car this morning!

& i am so excited! it's used. paid in cash, so there are NO PAYMENTS. it has less miles than my car did. leather interior. power everything. ...& i finally have my suv! i have wanted one for awhile but planned on driving my grand am until it died[which i didnt expect would be so soon] i drove it on the hour ride home & its going to take some getting used to. obviously it's bigger than my little car but all in all i am happy with our choice. jer working at a car dealership is a plus. he ran the vin number &its never been in an accident, it's only had one owner & has only been driven in florida, so never in snow! we set our eyes on it monday night & were so worried he wouldn't have it by the weekend, since we just got the insurance check yesterday i was sure it would be gone, but it wasnt! i am thrilled. we finally got jeremiahs car working again so we are completely back to two cars again & i couldnt be happier! i feel like a total "mom" now throwing the kids in the back of my suv! haha


AliceMum said...

Glad you got your car!! Looks like it's really in good condition!! Enjoy!!! You will love the extra room in it I am sure!!
Love ya and miss all of you!!

~Pam~ said...

SO happy for you guys!! The new car looks really nice and great for the kids. :-)
Love you all!!
ps miss you