Thursday, April 21, 2011

a visit with the doctor

i have been talking about colton being "sick" for awhile now. it all started last monday night. he had a stuffy/runny nose, a low grade fever & a little bit of a cough. the next morning he woke up & it was in full swing. i had thought it to just be a cold. he wasn't complaining of headaches, or earaches, or sore throat. so i thought some sniffles & a cough = rest & fluids. so that's what we did tried to do, it's near impossible to get the child to rest for anything. fast forward a few days. the fever is gone. he is going up & down. horrible one day then it would ease up a little the next then be worse the next day. i tried getting him to rest. i tried taking him outside for some fresh air. we even took him to the beach thinking the sea air might do him some good.

yesterday my poor baby was coughing coughing coughing for hours, so hard. i went to both walmart & then walgreens to try to find some kind of cough & cold medicine[which after reading EVERY.SINGLE.BOX in both stores established they do not make it for kids 4 & under] they do however make homeopathic medicine for smaller children. we had tried one previously & i wasn't impressed. we bought another one, in hopes it would work. what other choice did we have, i needed to stop that cough. we bought some vicks too. he hated it. it didn't really work.

about 3:30 in the afternoon i called jer & decided enough was enough! he'd been sick for about 10 days with no signs of real improvement. he was coughing so constant & so hard he couldn't even get two words out of his mouth. we decided to take him to be seen. because it was easier we went to the er. after a short wait & visit in triage, the big boys went back. braedon wasn't allowed in the actual emergency room, so we waited. played. had some coffee. went for a walk. stopped at the cafeteria. bought a banana. ate a banana. bought another banana. refused to eat more than a bite. trust me trying to entertain a child in the hospital, not the easiest task.

a short while later jeremiah called me & told me to meet him at the car. turns out there is no infection anywhere. it's not even a cold. the doctor says he is pretty sure it's allergies [ makes me sad, remember what i said about mine?] he said he is coughing so bad because his nose is so congested with it all running down his throat is resulting in the cough. he told us to pick up some childrens zyrtec. i am so happy he is okay. i am also happy we went because i would have never thought to try allergy medicine.

on our way home we stopped at walgreens for the meds, mcdonalds for a happy meal & shake & headed home. jeremiah headed back to work, gave colton his medicine, the kids & i ate & then it was time to get ready for bed. even with medicine that "makes you drowsy" colton still seems to be sleep proof. i could just tell the meds were taking over & he was getting so sleepy. finally he fell asleep & once he was out he was out.  i am hoping it is a seasonal thing & it will be gone soon. i am happy that we have an answer & because we have an answer we know what to do. i felt so horrible just having to sit & listen to him cough like that.

the plan for today. take it easy. i plan on staying in pajamas all day. i wish i could take the kids outside later, but i am so sunburnt[more on that later] i feel as though i am going to melt when i step outside so i think we'll just stay in our pajamas all day. the last week has just been so crazy. tuesday we were at the beach the entire day. yesterday we were out & about all morning then at the hospital in the afternoon/evening. i have a few things to pick up around here & mt.laundry to tackle.

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~Pam~ said...

SO glad Colton is ok. I would have never imagined allergies! Did the doctor say what he might be allergic to?