Saturday, April 30, 2011


every.single.time we are out of this house. whether at the grocery store. the park. buying a car. people always say "are they twins" i always want to say: "are you serious" but politely answer "no" i just dont get it! braedon is about to be two & colton is almost four! it's not like they are 9 months apart, it's almost 2 years! in my personal opinion they don't even look that similar! i love to dress the kids in matching clothes, only because they look so cute, jeremiah isn't a big fan of it because it just intensifies this subject 100 more!

what do you think?! maybe you can help me understand ?!


AliceMum said...

Well in the photos of the boys I see a definite "look alike" but I would think their size and actions would make people that see them in person realize they are not the same age...but who knows what people see!! LOL They are both so cute that people have to say something!!!! {{hugs to both of them!}}

baby loves ♥ said...

i know, that's what kills me! colton is a head & a half taller than braedon, LOL!

Kaitlin said...

Hello dear! Thanks for grabbing my button - you must have just snatched it as I was taking it down! I did a slight edit to it as I'm dropping the 'and' in my name, and I'm over at . I have an updated button there if you'd like, hope to see you there!