Saturday, April 16, 2011

the scariest night of my life:: middle of the night car fire

last night was not really any different that any other night except that colton is still sick so we were having a rough time with him sleeping. we decided to just bring him in our bed & let him calm down, watch some movies & hopefully fall asleep. it was unsuccessful. about 1:30 am we were getting ready to take him back to his room! that's when the chaos started....

... we first heard some music. jeremiah said "what is going on out there" then we heard a car horn for a second. it let up. we heard it again. a little longer the second time then it stopped, then it just started & never stopped at this time we still had no idea what was going on except that we thought someone was laying on their horn. jer looked out the window & saw OUR headlights on & it was OUR horn going off. we thought somebody was in the car. by the time he got to the front door he yelled "your car is on fire, it's on fire" i told him to call 911. the next few minutes are kind of a blur. everything happened so fast. i got the kids & ran outside[away from the car] with them. jeremiah was still on the phone with 911 & my neighbor is standing on her phone yelling "the car is on fire the car is on fire" then a neighbor who until last night i had never spoken to or even met came up to me & said "i opened the door, is that okay. i i'm sorry i opened the door i hope that's okay" he had a fire extinguisher in his hand. he had opened the door to put out contain the fire until the fire department got here. a few moments later he came over & asked if it was okay that he pop the hood & disconnect the battery so the horn would finally stop.

in conversation with the police officer he said that it takes a car about 3 minutes to be totally engulfed in flames. i am forever thankful to my neighbor for running out in the middle of the night to put the fire out. to the neighbor who also called 911. what if we had all been sleeping?! what if colton wasn't awake. there is no doubt in my mind that we would have heard it, but it might have been a 20 or 30 second delay & then who knows what would have happened. i am so grateful that everyone is okay.

the fire department came -- it took about 10 minutes for them to get here, thank goodness the neighbor had the extinguisher or the car would have blown up before they were here-- they completely flushed the entire car. everything is soaked. they flushed the inside of the electrical system. the police officer ended up leaving & didn't even take a report because there were no signs of arson or criminal activity. the fireman said because the radio went off, the lights came on, the trunk popped, he thought it was electrical. upon further investigating they found that the fire started behind the fire wall & that it was exactly that- an electrical fire. crazy if you ask me. it had been at least 5 hours since the car was even on. i guess it doesn't happen very often & it was basically a freak accident.

the time everything was settled down[oh my were my kids so scared] it was about 3:30am when the kids finally went to bed. keep in mind colton had barely slept before that. we tried to unwind, called the insurance company & finally hit the bed about 430am.

this morning i was up at 715 ... & both kids shortly after were awake. after a couple hours this morning messing with the insurance & rental car place we finally got one. the appraiser probably wont be out to look at/ take the car away until monday. so in the meantime we just wait.

whats unfortunate about the whole thing?! we just paid it off about a month & a half ago!

here are some pictures of the damage

i am so happy & thankful that everybody is okay! a car is just a car, but i cant lie, it's causing me a little stress.
oh well. just take it one day at a time i guess!


Rj and Jessie said...

Wow. Glad everyone is okay!

~Pam~ said...

Thank God no one was hurt, we are so thankful for that!! Praying everything works out quickly.
love you all