Wednesday, April 27, 2011

easter weekend; part 3

& finally we come to the end!

easter was amazing! the kids were so excited to wake up in the morning & find their eggs & baskets. it was so cute watching them work as a team to find the eggs. sometimes i watch them interact with each other & just sit & smile. when they are not beating up on each other, they really are so sweet & you can just see the love between them. after our hunt we spent some time playing with new stuff. braedon took a nap, everybody got ready & we were out the door to mom's. the kids had more baskets waiting there from grandma & grandpa & a bunch of easter goodies from family up north. it was just a nice laid back day. spent some time outside. ate an amazing dinner my mom made, fantastic dessert if i do say so myself, haha! then we just hung out! it was so great having my aunt & uncle down here from chicago! we were missing grandma though. i am so glad they manage to get down here at least once a year. of course i love seeing them but i am so glad that the kids get to see them as often as they do. by the end of the night all three of my boys were passed out & let me tell you it was probably the cutest thing ever. after we got home it didn't take much time for all four of us to be out like a light.


 [hunting eggs]

 [working as a team :)]
 [so proud]

 [taking a break with daddy]
 [going through his basket]
 [braedon doing the same]

 [sliding down the hill on his butt. cutest.thing.ever.]

 [okay so we're retarded]
[ lil. uncle erich. mom. dad]

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