Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter weekend; part 2

the easter egg hunt saturday was exhausting for everyone. the kids fell asleep in the car so i knew they probably wouldnt sleep once we got home, but they both went in their rooms for a little quiet time since the day was far from over. i sat on the couch. i didnt move. i could have slept right then & there. jeremiah came home from work a short time later & not too long after that my in-laws stopped by for a bit to bring the kids a few things. then it was onto picking a up a bit & the fun stuff. time to color eggs! colton had a great time! i wish i could say the same for braedon, he enjoyed a couple minutes & after that had a complete meltdown. he actually made his way to bed halfway through. note to self: in years to come do not start coloring easter eggs after normal bedtime!

after the kids were in bed it was time to get to work. spent some time cleaning up the disaster the kids had made. started the baking. filled eggs. hid eggs. more baking. made baskets. hid baskets. made more treats. it was a long night we didn't get in bed until about 3 but huge thanks to my awesome husband who stayed up with me & helped me!

 [braedon & i made dinosaur eggs]
 [colton & daddy made monsters]
 [the easter bunny came]
 [coltons basket]
 [braedons basket]
 [the both have the exact same stuff except different themes. a new outfit. coloring books. crayons. color posters. puzzles. bubbles. glow sticks. chalk boards. candy]
 [cupcakes i made for easter]

[homemade cake pops]
[my famous pineapple upside down cake]
they were all a big hit :)

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