Thursday, April 21, 2011

beach bums

it's april. the gulf temperature is in the mid 70's. the actual temperature in the 90s. what does that mean?! it's time to head to the beach. if i could i would be at the beach everyday! sadly life doesn't allow that. it's actually been almost a year since we have been to the beach as a family, to swim, to play. this means braedon wasn't even a year old at our last visit. when colton was a baby we were forever at the beach. not this time around. jer works an insane amount of hours, it's not as easy to pack up two kids for the beach for the day. though now that i have had my taste of it this season, i might have to try to make it a weekly thing. at least every two weeks.

this was braedon's first visit to the beach where he was walking, could actually play & enjoy the heck out of & boy did he ever.[& i thought the sea air might help clear colton's sinuses] both of them were just soaking up every minute of it.[ even today, two days later colton told me "i had so much fun at the beach"] we got there early afternoon & stayed for hours. there truly is nothing better. sitting on the beach. sitting in the sun. swimming in the ocean. watching the dolphins. could you ask for anything more? we soaked up the sun. we played & played in the sand. had a picnic & ate sandwhiches. we swam for hours & we finished up the day with some ice cream.

oh & mama got sunburnt again. i even used sunscreen, obviously spf 10 isn't strong enough for my white self in this florida sun. & to think i am puerto rican, ha!

 [we're beach bound]

 [almost there]
 [couldn't wait]
[this playpen is the greatest thing ever for the beach]
[loving every minute]

 [playing in the ocean with the baby loves]
 [so cute]

 [we weren't even out of the parking lot when i took this. exhausted!]
[heading home]
[my little city]

i love my life ♥

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~Pam~ said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! Sorry about your sunburn! ouchy