Monday, April 18, 2011

30 days of lists! day 5- blog goals

okay okay, i'm still behind. but i promise i will get everything caught up today. the weekend is finally over things are finally starting to calm down around here. time to get back on track!

day 5
[yesterdays list]
blog goals
• the original goal for this blog was nothing more than to just keep our scattered family informed on whats going on down here in the sunshine state. pictures, videos, stories about the kids, us, etc.
•to keep track of the kids as they grow, the funny things they do, the hilarious stories. im lucky if i can remember what was for dinner 2 days ago, id like to remember all the little things years from now
•since i have started blogging, i have started following quite a few blogs. this has made me really want to join the blog world. i am seeing that is possible to make some pretty great friends out there.

that's about it. it originally was & still is for the family, for myself. if people along the way read & like what i have to say that will be awesome. if i can make some friends along the way even better!

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