Friday, April 22, 2011

3 months? that's all!!

holy cow! i can't believe in 3 short months my little baby is going to be TWO! i can't believe how fast time has gone & the next couple months are only going to fly by. may & june are always busy months. 3 months ... with that being said i think it's time to slowly start planning a party. you know me this isn't something that is going to just whip together.

braedon is OBSESSED with toy story so it wasn't hard to decide what his party theme was going to be. his bedding, his posters, his toys, his pajamas, not to mention he will sit & watch it for hours if i let him, he wont even know what to do with himself. with so many other things going in july we already have a date set! sunday july 17th, 2011.

check this out! i am so excited there are so many different decorations for us to choose from! he party is going to be a hit :) last year we didn't have one & i feel absolutely horrible about it. we went out for his birthday & it was a special day but my parents were in chicago for a week (around his birthday) & when they got back jer had to work. by the time we would have been able to actually have his party it would have been the end of august & then it seemed silly to have a party a month after his birthday so since it's his first party i will be going all out for him! i am so excited! let the planning begin!

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~Pam~ said...

WOW, does time fly!! Hard to believe he will two years old!!